Preventive Services

Our Preventive Service Agreements provide an affordable way to:


Assure that your equipment is in the best possible working condition,
 Increasing your systems efficiency to prevent utility over payment
 Saving you time and money fixing problems before they arise
No emergency service fees
⇒ Keep your downtime to a minimum, and
⇒ Provide a comfortable environment for your customers and your employees.

Some of the things you can expect from our Kelair technicians

 Clean or change standard air filtersGuyworking1
 Check A/C operating pressures
 Test motors and control circuits
 Check duct system condition
 Check and program thermostats
 Inspect and test safety controls
 Check high and low voltages
 Check pressure amp
 Clean interior unit and remove leaves
 Check primary drain line

Whether you are the business owner, the building manager, or the person accountable for maintaining your company’s air conditioning system, having routine inspections of your air conditioning system will save you time, money, and the hassles of dealing with emergency maintenance procedures. We tailor your agreement specifically to your needs.

Call us today at 845-278-1990 to discuss how you would benefit by having our experienced technicians set up a regular equipment inspection schedule.